Oct 27, 2009

Silambuchelvar Ma.Po.Sivagnanam – A Biographical sketch

– A Biographical sketch

Date of Birth: 26.06.1906
Place of Birth : Chennai - Thousand Lights
Parents : Ponnusamy Gramaniyar, Sivakami Ammal

1927 Joined in congress
1936 -37 Joint secretary, Madras District Congress Committee
1937-47 Secretary, Madras District Congress Committee
1938-40 President, I st circle congress committee
1947-48 Vice-President, Madras District Congress Committee
1951-52 Member, Tamil Nadu congress working committee

Parliamentary service
1948-55 Alderman, Corporation of Madras.
1952-54 Member, Tamilnadu Legislative Council
1967-71 Member, Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly
1972-78 Deputy Chairman, Tamil Nadu Legislative Council
1976-78 Acting Chairman, Tamil Nadu Legislative Council
31.10.86 Chairman, Tamil Nadu Legislative Council, Joint President, Common Wealth Parliamentary Association, Tamil Nadu Branch.

Founder-President, Tamil Arasu Kazhagam since November 1946.
Participated in the movement for States Reorganisation on linguistic basis in Tamil Nadu and formation of Tamil Nadu state.
Organised agitation for inclusion of tiruttani taluk and five taluks of Travancore – cochin with Tamil Nadu.
Actively participated in the struggle for the retention of Madras City with Tamil Nadu at the time of formation of Andhra Pradesh State.

Served in different capacities in various labour organization.

1950 Awarded title SILAMBU CHELVAR by Prof. R.P.Sethupillai
1966 Sahithya Academy Award for the book written by him ‘VALLALAR KANDA ORUMAIPPADU’
1970 Award given by UNESCO Mandram, Madras during International Education Year 1970 as a dedicated Gandhian, inspiring educator of the masses and the Champion of Tamil Languages and Literatures
1972 ‘PADMA SRI’ Award by the President of India
1972-76 Receipent of several titles by Various organizations
1976 ‘KALAIMAMANI’ title by Tamil Nadu Iyal,Isai, Nataka Mandram, Madras
1979 “Doctor of Literature” by the University of Madras
1979 “Doctor of Literature” by the Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu
1980 Tamil Nadu Government has awarded a prize for the book written by his namely,ENATHU PORATTAM containing 1200 pages. This book was released by the President of India Thiru. V.V.Giri.
1985 The book “ TAMIL NADU IN FREEDOM STRUGGLE” was nationalized by the Tamil Nadu Government and announced a Cash Award of rupees ONE LAKH for the same.
1985 Award of ‘Peravai chemmal’ by Madurai Kamarajar University

1955-56 President, Tamil Writers Association. President, Tamil Nadu Writers Conference, Madras.
1943-88 Written about 150 books on various subjects, out of this, he was the receipent of Sahithya Academy Award for the book “VALLALAR KANDA ORUMAIPPADU” and the book TAMIL NADU IN FREEDOM STRUGGLE in two volumes of about 1500 pages was nationalized by Govt. of Tamil Nadu.
1934-37 Editor, “Gramani Kulam”
1955-56 Editor, “Bharathi” Tamil Monthly Journal
1946-51 Editor, “ Tamil Murasu”
1954-55 Editor, “ Thamizhan Kural”
1950-95 Editor, “Sengol”

1934-35 Secretary, Harijan Seva Sangham, Madras
1934-37 Secretary, Gramani Kula Mahajana Sangham
1970-71 Member, Police Commission of Tamil Nadu Government
1968-70 Member, Tamil Nadu Backward Classes Welfare Committee

1928-47 Participated in Freedom struggle and imprisoned six times. Once, he was kept in Amaravathi Prison, then Madhya Pradesh, now Maharashtra State.
1953 Imprisoned for six weeks in Thiruttani Jail during agitation for inclusion of Thiruttani in Tamil Nadu.
1956 Detained in Madras Jail for one week.

Actively served for the cause of development of Khadi Prohibition and Untouchability
Member, Bhoodhan Yagna Committee constituted by Tamil Nadu Government
Since 1984 Chairman, Gandhian Memorial Advisory Committee
Since 1988 Chairman, Madurai Gandhi Museum Committee
1988-89 Chairman, Tamil Nadu Freedom Fighters Pension Committee

1952-54 Chairman, Madras District Local Library Authority
1970-73 Chairman, Madras District Local Library Authority, 2nd time
1972-74 Member, Tamil Nadu State Local Library Authority
Responsible for the creation of separate department and Director for
Libraries in Tamil Nadu and also for increasing the Library Cess from
3 paise to 5 paise.

1952-53 Chairman, Education Committee, Corporation of Madras.
Various books written by him such as Veerapandia Kattabomman,
Kappalottiya thamizhan, Vallalar Kanda Orumaippaadu, Kamban
Kaviyinbam, Kalingaththu parani, Bharathiyaarin Paadhaiyile etc.,
Have been prescribed as text books for High Schools, colleges and as
Reference books for Post-Graduates courses.
1952-54 Member, Senate of Madras University
1957-69 Member, Senate of Madurai Kamaraj University
1972-76 Member, Syndicate of Madras University
1978 Member, Senate of Annamalai University
Chairman of several committees, commissions constituted by the
Madras University
Delivered Endowment lectures for six times in Madras and Madurai
1981 Delivered Convocation Address in the Rural University, Gandhigram,
Tamil Nadu
Delivered convocation Address in the University of Madras
Member, Senate of the Madurai-Kamarajar University
Senate Member, Tamil University of Thanjavur.

1948 First visited Ceylon and toured for 28 days
1956 Visited Burma and toured for 18 days
1964-65 Visited Malaysia and Singapore twice
1965 Visited Kulalampur and participated as the representative of
Government of Tamil Nadu in the World Tamil Conference held at
Kula lumpur
1970 Participated as the representative of Government of Tamil Nadu in
The World Tamil Conference held at Paris
1970 Visited Soviet Union and toured for seven days at the invitation of
Soviet Union
1970 Visited London and stayed for three days on his way back to India
From Paris and studied the working of Library Movement and
Police Administration
1986 Visited London and United States of America for over three weeks.
Toured various places in America and participated in World Peace
Conference in Virginia.

Member, Expert Committee for the working of Tamil University, Thanjavur
Chairman, Gandhi Memorial Advisory committee Life Members,
Senate of Madurai-Kamaraj University
Chairman, Tamil Development High Level Committee, Government
Of Tamil Nadu since 1-11-1987

Expired: 03-10-1995


  1. Dear Friend,

    I am a follower of Ma Po Si. Can you give more details about you and your interest in Ma Po Si.

  2. Thiru Ma Po Si is one of the gifted scholar / Gandhian / wonderful orator that our Tamil got.
    I listened to his speeches in several places on several occasions. He is the one capable of delivering speech 24 hours a day, without any notes on hand.. timely and wonderful sense of humor, very emotional as well very perfect to speak about the core of the topic. Late MGR regardless of his political policy, took care to give due respect to Ma Po Si for his scholar.

    Very happy to see a wonderful blog on Ma Po Si.. thanks and appreciate your efforts.

  3. Really I am happy to read about legend ma.po.si..Also privileged to hear his speech.wonderful day for me.


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