Aug 24, 2010

Thamizharasu Kazhagam

Manisekaran (@ on: Thu Apr 23 07:07:09 EDT 1998


There was a group within Congress which felt that the congress was imposing norhtern doctrines in the south and nothing much was done to promote the interest of the Tamils, especially at a time when the powrful DMK was clamouring for the welbeing of the Tamils. This group also felt that Kamraj was isolating some powerful and talented personalities. So they formed the Thamizharasu Kazhagam not so much as a political party but to test the waters to see if they could win the support of the masses by capitalising on the culture of the Tamils. AP Nagarajan, Ma.Po.Sivagnanam, Ka Mu Sheriff, Producer Venu, later the TKS Brothers and a few others joined in.

While not being able to break away a big faction from within the Congress, they made the mistake of attacking the DMK leaders. There was no clear-cut programmes, and financial backing, nor the needed leadership. Result? Slow, steady and peaceful death.(Is this politics, or history?)