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World famous tamil scholar - politician - Ma.Po.Sivagnana Gramani - what do you know about this great person ?

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Meesai Karar Ma Po Si.Popularly addressed as SILAMBU CHELVAR MA.PO.SIVAGYANAM. With his fiery eyes and luxurious moustache ma.po.sivagnanam was a great orator and tamil scholar. he reached his political peak in the 50s when he fought successfully to get tiruttani amalgamated to tamil nadu. as a scholar and orator, he was on par with the best. the last time i heard him was at srinivasa hall in the early 1970s. my ears still ring with ma po si expounding as to why the milk boils (it is the sorrow of the milk at parting from the water in which it is mixed ).

He was a Politician, Freedom Fighter, Founder-President of Tamil Arasu Kazhagam, Tamil Writer, Sahitya Akademi Award Winner and Former Speaker of Tamil Nadu Legislative Council. Also a Famous Tamil Writer and Sahitya Akademi Award Winner.

His love for and involvement with Tamil literature has brought him much praise. Ma.Po.Si’s extensive research on Silappatikaram earned him the special title "Silambu Chelvar". His attraction towards this epic even made him name his daughters Kannagi and Madhavi. In 1966.

It is a great tribute to him by remembering him in Yahoo answers column. Best wishes -


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